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Service Technician: Record and Assign Service Videos
Service Technician: Record and Assign Service Videos

For service technicians: Learn how to record service videos, assign them to an advisor, and check if they're been approved and sent.

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Service tech is a simplified view that allows technicians to quickly record service videos, assign them to advisors, and see if they've been approved and sent to the customer.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works: Technicians record quick videos for service repairs using their smartphones. Then, you can choose your attributes and assign the video to an advisor to review. From there, the advisor can approve your video and send it off to the customer. All done in just a few clicks.

Watch the video below or follow the step by step guide to learn how to record and assign videos for approval.

How to Record A New Video & Assign to a Service Advisor

1. To record a new video, click the record option at the bottom of the screen. This will pull up your camera.

2. Hit the record button to start recording your video. While recording, you will have the ability to pause and unpause your recording. When you’re done with your video, hit the stop button.

3. After recording your video through the Covideo mobile app, you’ll be able to preview it right away. The discard button will let you start again with a new video. Trim the beginning and end of the video if needed. When ready, give your video a title to help stay organized. Then click “Continue to Attributes and Tags”.

4. Fill out the attributes. See a description of each attribute below:

  • Assign To: Select from the dropdown which service advisor or team member you want to assign the video to.

  • Video Type: Select what type of video has been created (repair inquiry, reminder, quote request, regular service, etc.)

  • RO Number: Add in the RO number.

  • Customer Name: Add the customer name who is requesting service.

  • Note: Leave any additional notes for the service advisor.

Optional: Swap to the tags tab to add any relevant tags for extra organization. Select from your list of previously used tags, or create a new one by typing it in the search bar and adding it. When tags are completed, swap back to the attribute page to finish and upload.

6. When your video is ready, select “Finish & Upload”. Your video will upload to your Covideo account and make its way to the service advisor it was assigned to.

How To Check the Status (Approved, Denied) of Your Video

In your Covideo library, you can easily view a video’s title, RO number, and status (approved, pending, or denied.)

The status refers to whether your service advisor has seen and approved the video for them to send to the customer. If your video was denied and your advisor left a denied reason, you can view that by clicking the “Denied Reason” button.

How To Reassign A Video To A Different Technician

  1. To reassign a video to a different service advisor, locate the video in your Covideo library and select the 3 dots in the top right corner. Click “Reassign”.

    2. Then, select from the list, or search their name, to assign the video to a new advisor.

How To Download, Delete, Move, or Rename a Video

Click the 3 dots at the top of the video to download the video to your device, move it to a different folder, rename the video, or delete it altogether.

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