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Service Set Up: Creating and Editing Snippets
Service Set Up: Creating and Editing Snippets

Learn how to create new or edit snippets to include when sending service videos.

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Snippets are pre-made messages to add to your emails and texts when using Covideo's automotive service platform. Snippets automatically pull and fill in information from your selected contact, making your video messages even more efficient.

How To Create A New Snippet

Service advisors and managers can edit and create snippets at any time by navigating to the snippet page under their username. This page will list all existing snippets, who they’re shared with, and whether they’re for email and/or SMS. As well as the option to edit them.

1. To create a new snippet, click the “create snippet” button.

2. Give your new snippet a title for your reference. Then decide if this snippet is for email, SMS, or both by flipping their respective switches. You can choose if it will be shared with just yourself, your company, or your department.

3. Writing the actual snippet is similar to writing any email. Just type your message into the box. There are various formatting tools at your disposal and a hyperlink option.

4. Additionally, you can insert variables into your snippet. Variables are different bits of information that the snippet will change on a case-by-case basis, depending on the selected contact.

5. When done with your snippet, click the save button. Now when sending out video messages, you can choose your new snippet, from the selector dropdown.

NOTE: If you write something first and then select a snippet, the snippet will replace all text the in email or SMS field.

How To Edit a Snippet

To edit a snippet, go to your Snippets library. Find the snippet and click the pencil icon. Here you can make any changes as if you were creating a new snippet - edit text, add variables, or change the "Shared With" settings. When done editing your snippet, click "Save Changes".

How To Add a Snippet to a Message

Service advisors and managers can add snippets to email and SMS messages when sending service videos direct from Covideo. You can add Snippets when it's time to send your service videos to customers. Check out this article to learn how to send a service video to customers and where to add in your snippets.

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