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Service Managers have more capabilities than advisors and technicians. See how to use Covideo's Service Platform for automotive managers.

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Service managers have all of the functionalities of service advisors, so going back and referencing our service advisor article and video would be helpful. In addition, service managers have a few extra tools at their disposal which include:

  • Requests: Se every (current & past) request for every advisor

  • Repair Orders: Reassign orders, add/edit users, access additional filter options

  • Reports: View key data & a leaderboard of top performers

  • Landing Page: Edit the colors and logo of your RO landing page

Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step guide to learn about the additional capabilities Service Managers have within Covideo.

View Requests

On the requests page, you will see every current request for every advisor, along with all past requests.

Repair Orders

Additional filters: On the repair orders page, you can also filter by advisors, seeing all repair orders under a specific advisor.

Reassign videos: Or reassign a repair order to a different advisor by selecting an order and clicking reassign. Then select another advisor from the dropdown.

Add/edit users: When adding new users or editing an existing user, you’ll be able to select if they’re a Technician, Service Advisor, Service Manager, salesperson, or sales manager, which will determine what features they have access to.

To do so, click "Manage Users" under your profile icon. If adding a new user, click "+Add User". Then, select their automotive role which determines their access level.


On the reports page is a leaderboard of your users. Here you can see your top performers and some additional information like;

  • Number of ROs,

  • How many RO items quoted

  • Total amount quoted

  • Amount approved

  • Close ratio

The date range for this leaderboard can be changed as well.

Landing Page

To edit your company’s repair order landing page, navigate to the design page and click "Service Pages." Here you’ll be able to choose any color and upload your logo from your computer. When done making changes, click "Save Changes". Your CTA buttons will be the same color as your video player.

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