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Service Advisor: Review, Approve and Send Videos
Service Advisor: Review, Approve and Send Videos
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In addition to recording their own videos, Service Advisors have the ability to view and approve any of their technician’s service videos.

To see how to record a service, check out this step-by-step guide for recording and assigning videos.

How To View and Approve Service Videos

1. Switch to the “requests” page to view current and past approval requests assigned to you from your technicians. Each video will display its status, RO number, and which technician recorded it.

2. Hover over the notes icon to view any additional notes the technician may have added.

3. If the video needs to be reassigned to a new advisor, click the three dots, select “Reassign”, and select another advisor from the dropdown to reassign.

4. To review a current request, click “Review Request”. Here you can preview the video.

5. Next to the video, you’ll see any of the attributes attached to the video. You have the option to edit these if needed. When done viewing the video, you can either approve or deny the video.

  • Denied Video: When you deny a video, you’ll have the option to add a note that gets emailed to the technician that recorded the video.

  • Approved Video: Approving the video will take you to the send and share form. Follow the instructions below for sending service videos.

How To Send Videos To Customers via Email or SMS

[1:10 on video]

Before sending the video to a customer, you’ll first need to approve the video from the service technician. Follow the steps above to approve a video.

Step 1: Add the customer contact info

Under the "send" tab is a box to add the recipient. Search the customer, and add them as a recipient. If the customer isn’t already in your contacts, you can create a new one and save it to your account.

  • To create a new contact: Click in the search box under Recipients and select “+Create New Customer”. Then add their contact information and click “Save Customer”.

Step 2: Fill out email / SMS fields

To email your video, select the “Email” toggle. In the email section, fill out the subject line and body as you normally would or select from your premade snippets. Snippets are pre-made messages that can pull and fill in information, making your video messages even more efficient.

Note: You won’t be able to see the video thumbnail in the back office, but it’ll send with your message.

To send via SMS: If your dealership has the SMS add-on, you can send videos via SMS. In order to do so, you need the customer’s phone number included in their contact info. The SMS switch will activate once you start typing in the box. SMS is similar to email in that you can add any accompanying text to send with your video, or choose from your snippets.

Step 3: Add a service quote

You can also add a service quote, which will appear on the video landing page. This creates selector boxes, so the recipient can interact with and select which repairs they approve.

To add a quote, click "+Add Quote".

Then, under Required Items, click “Add Items”.

Here, select from your service options/price points. Check the box next to the recommended repair item(s), and click “Insert # Items” when finished.

You can also add a new quote item by clicking "+Create New". Enter the title and price, and click “Create”. Newly created or edited services that are considered “one-time” will not be saved to your services list to avoid clutter and disorganization.

After being added, RO items can be reordered, deleted, or edited if need be.

You can also add optional service items by following the same method as above, but in the “Optional Items” box. The recommendations will be separated by required vs optional so the recipient can easily distinguish between the two.

You will be notified via email when customers approve/deny your quote items.

Step 4: Preview before sending

The final step is to set your CTAs and turn on/off email notifications. Below the video, you will have the option to turn on/off “Notify me when video is viewed”. Then select your CTAs that will appear at the end of your video.

When finalized, click “Preview Landing Page” to see how your page will appear to the recipient.

If satisfied, click “Send Email”.

Once sent, the request will then show as “sent” in your video library. The video will appear as “approved” on the requests page. In both your video library and the requests page, you can filter by video status, technician, and type to search for and sort through your videos.

Other Options for Sharing Service Videos

[2:54 on video]

If you don’t want to send your video via email or SMS from Covideo, you have a few other options. You can copy and paste just the URL, copy and paste the CRM code which includes a hyperlinked thumbnail, embed the video, or post to various social channels. If sharing with one of these options, you cannot include a quote.

How To Share Videos via Copy/Paste

Go to your “Request” tab to review the video. You’ll need to go through the approval process, which is outlined at the beginning of this article. Once approved, you will land on the “Send” page. Switch the tab to “Share”. Here you can change your landing page, CTA sets, copy the URL or CRM code, or choose a social channel to share your video.

Reviewing Repair Orders

[3:22 on video]

1. After videos have been sent out to customers, you can navigate to the “Repair Orders” page to view their status. On this page is a list of all repair orders sent out in the selected time frame along with their status of “sent”, “watched”, or “responded”.

2. Each RO will show the total amount quoted and amount approved along with the close ratio. The numbers in parentheses are total line items and approved line items.

3. Towards the top of the page is some data at a glance - including orders sent, responded to, and average close rate in that date range.

Viewing RO Details

1. On the Repair Orders page, click into an RO to view a bit more info, including specifically which items were approved and denied.

2. Clicking “edit item status” lets you change if an item was approved or denied.

3. The repair order activity section gives a bit more insight into the RO as well.

4. Clicking “Edit & Resend” will let you resend the message with a new price for denied items if the customer is trying to negotiate.

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