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Service Set Up: Creating New Services
Service Set Up: Creating New Services

Add service items to your account for easy selection when sending repair orders.

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You can add common service items and their price point to your account for easy selection when sending repair orders.

Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to view your services, add your service book to Covideo, create new services, and edit existing ones.

View, Create, and Edit Services

To add or edit repair order items to your Covideo account, click on “services” in the dropdown under your user name. On this page, you can view, edit or archive any of your existing service items.

Selecting more than one lets you archive multiple at once. Select only archived in the selector box to view archive items and un-archive them.

To add new service items, you can either add them individually or import a .csv file of your service book.

How To Import Service Book

When importing a CSV file, either drag and drop the file in the box, or click the button to browse for the file on your computer.

Just make sure your CSV file contains the required fields and that they match after uploading. Then click continue.

Your service book will then be imported into your account and shared across your company.

How To Create an Individual Service Item

1. To create an individual service item, click “create”.

2. Then type in the title and the price. When done, click create. It will now be in your list on the services page and selectable when sending out a quote to a customer.

NOTE: You can create individual services on the "Send" page when sharing your videos. However, newly created or edited services on the send page won’t save to the service list for future use. This is to prevent your list from becoming overcrowded and unorganized.

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