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How to Take and Markup Screenshots with the Covideo's Chrome Extension
How to Take and Markup Screenshots with the Covideo's Chrome Extension

Learn how to capture different styles of screenshots with the Covideo Chrome Extension.

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With the Covideo Chrome extension, you are able to instantly capture screenshots, mark them up, store them to the cloud, and share them with anyone, anywhere.

How to Take a Screenshot

Under the screenshot tab of the Covideo chrome extension, there are several options for different styles of screenshots.

  • Selected area: This Lets you drag a selector across a specific section of your screen for a screenshot.

  • Window: This takes a screenshot of a selected application window.

  • Full Screen: This captures everything on a selected screen.

  • Entire Page: This option is a bit different - the extension will automatically scroll the length of the webpage you’re on, stitching together one continuous screenshot of the entire page.

Step 1: Select the style of screenshot you would like to capture. Then, capture your screen. After you take a screenshot with any of the options, it will open up in a new tab.

Step 2: In the newly opened tab, select if you would like to download the screenshot to your computer, markup the screenshot, or copy the link to share it with others.

How to Markup the Screenshot

Back in the extension, there are two switches at the top of the screenshot tab.

  • The first switch automatically saves screenshots taken to your desktop in addition to saving them in your Covideo library.

  • The second switch enables the markup feature.

Step 1: Toggle the bar to enable capture and markup.

Step 2: Take your screenshot. Once done, the markup screen will automatically open for your new screenshot.

Step 3: Markup your screenshot - you have various options to add shapes, arrows, text, emojis, and censor information in the screenshot.

Step 4: When done with the markups, click “save” in the upper right corner. You’ll be brought to the same screenshot page we saw before.

How to Access Previous Screenshots

At the bottom of the extension is a search box to find specific screenshots you’ve taken in the past. As well as small preview images of existing screenshots and files in your Covideo library.

Clicking on any of these previews opens it in a new tab where you can download it or copy it’s link.

Or, all of your screenshots can be accessed from within your Covideo library too on the “files” page. Read our guide about the “files” page to learn more.

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