How to Use Covideo Files

Learn how to upload, store, and share out different types of files.

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The “Files” page in your Covideo library is where you can upload, store, and share out many different types of files (PDFs, PNGS, JPEGs, MP3s, MOVs) including any screenshots taken with the chrome extension.

Best of all, you can store all these files in one place with Covideo's unlimited cloud storage. Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step guide to learn more about Covideo's file features.

How to Access Files

To access files, first login to your Covideo account. On the left-hand toolbar, you will see a "Files" menu below your video library. Select files and your library will appear with all your stored files.

At the top of your Files page, you can search for specific files, certain types of files, change how they’re sorted, or switch between grid and list view.

*Note: Files is an upgraded feature, and will be locked for all standard users. If you wish to have access to this feature, reach out to our team at Covideo.

How To Upload New Files

Step 1: Click the “Upload Files” button to add new files to your library.

Step 2: Browse for and select the file or files on your computer.

Step 3: Hit “upload”. Depending on the file size, it may take a moment for your file(s) to load.

Note: Any videos uploaded this way will be automatically added to your video library too.

How to Share Files

Copy and Paste

Below each of the files, you'll find a “copy link” button. This is used to quickly copy and paste your files. When you click "copy link" the file link will copy, then simply paste it wherever you wish.

Share with Other Covideo Users

Next to the "copy link" button, you'll see "Sharing" which brings up additional sharing options. Here you can choose specific users within your team to share the file with directly. Any files shared with you this way will show up in your “shared with me” tab on the files page.

Share via Link

Under the "sharing" option, switch to the “via link” tab. Here you can set the level of privacy, between public, private, and team only. Once set, click the “copy URL” button to share the link out.

  • Public: Your file will be viewable to anyone with the link.

  • Private: Set a password, and your file will only be viewable to people who have this password.

  • Team only: Your file will be viewable to anyone in your team.

Note: Once you share a file with users they’ll have access to it from their Covideo Library. On the other hand, if you share via link the user can only access the file via link.

Additional Options for Files

On each file, you'll see a "..." drop down with more options. We'll walk through each of these options below.


This opens the main details page for your file. From here you can copy the link, share the file, set the privacy, delete the file, markup the file, or download the file. On the right hand side bar you can view additional info about the file, like it's file size, and number of views. Here you can also manage the tags and boards for organization purposes.


This downloads the file to your computer.


Rename your file and click "save changes."

Copy shortlink

This will copy the shortlink to your file. Then, paste it wherever you want to share.

Set privacy

Here you can change the privacy level for your file. You will have the options to make your file public, private, or shared with your team only. If you select private, enter in a password, click "Generate New" and then click save.

Add to board

Add this file to an existing board. Type in the board you want to add your file to, select it from the drop down, and click save. You can see which boards the file is added to with the different hashtags (ex. #Onboarding).

Add tags

Here you can manage and add additional tags for organization purposes.


This will delete the file from your account altogether.

Selecting Multiple Files

In your files library, each individual file will have a grey check box in the upper left hand corner. To select multiple files, check the boxes of the files you want to select. From there, you can select multiple files to download, copy, add tags, add to boards, change privacy, or delete all at once.

Previewing Files

To preview a file, click on the image of the file in your files library. Or, click on "..." and select "details." Both of these options will bring you to the details page for the file.

How to Allow Others to Download Your Files

First preview your file by selecting the file, or clicking the "..." and "details". On the right-hand side, there will be an "info tab" with the option for download permission. With this enabled, your recipient will have the option to download the file.

How to View Activity for Your File

First preview your file by selecting the file, or clicking the "..." and "details". On the right-hand side, there will be an "info tab". At the bottom of the tab is the view count for the file. Switch to the “Activity” tab for a list of when the file has been viewed or downloaded.

How To Use Links as CTAs

Now you can easily enhance your calls-to-action by directly linking to files in your library. You no longer need to host these documents on external sites just to grab a link for your CTAs. It’s all hosted in one, secure place. Click the button below to learn more about how to use your files as CTAs.

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