How to Use Covideo Boards

Learn how to group, manage, and share multiple files at once with Covideo boards.

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With Covideo boards, you can group, manage, and share out multiple files in your library at once, as well as collect files directly from recipients outside of your account.

How to Create a Board

Step 1: First navigate to your Boards library.

Step 2: To create a board, click the “create new” button at the top of the page.

Step 3: Give the new board a name.

Step 4: Then choose between whether the board will be password protected or public.

  • If you add a password, you can click the “copy to clipboard” button to easily share it with your recipient.

  • Flipping the “allow public upload” switch lets anyone you share the board with upload their own files straight to the board. This is great for gathering files from other people.

Step 5: Under the “sharing” tab, you can select any of your teammates to automatically share the board with once created.

  • “Can view” means they have access to the board and its files.

  • “Can edit” means they can add files to the board themselves.

Step 6: Switch to the thumbnail tab to change the board's thumbnail. Pick from one of our premade thumbnails or select your own from your computer or Covideo library.

Step 7: When done setting up your new board, click “create”.

How to Share Your Board

Each of your boards has a copy link button for sharing the board. Clicking that button will copy the link, then you can paste it wherever you wish.

How to Upload New Files to Boards

Step 1: Go to your Boards library and click into the board you want to add files to.

Step 2: Select "Upload Files." Then choose the file(s) you wish to upload to your board. These files will simultaneously be added to your files library

Step 3: Choose to add more files, and once finished, select "Upload." The new files will appear in your board.

How to Add Existing Files to a Board

Step 1: Navigate to your Files library.

Step 2: Find the file(s) you want to add to a board and click on the checkbox in the upper left corner of each file you want to select.

Step 3: Then click "Add to Boards."

Step 4: Click into the search box, and your existing boards will appear. Select which board you want to add your file(s) to. Your files can appear in multiple boards. The boards the file(s) are currently in will appear below.

Step 5: Click "Save."

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