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March 2023
Covideo Updates and Bug Fixes March 2023
Covideo Updates and Bug Fixes March 2023

Here are the latest updates and bug fixes with Covideo in March 2023.

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  • Creating leads

    • Customers/Ssers that have a Leads/Customers integration can now create new contacts/customers in the send&share flow

  • Enable SMS events for vinsolution and dealersocket

    • Tracking SMS sent and SMS received

Bug Fixes:

  • Pause landing page video in case CTA video is played

  • Cant download srt or vtt files for captions

  • Shared CTA can be deleted by supervisor

  • My Team -> User Details - The size of the hotspots pop up is too huge for the user to read all of the information.

  • Services table listing issues

  • Top Videos Engagement - Downloaded file, the engagement column has %% instead of one

  • Fix screen recording issue

  • Fix date format issue on Reports dashboard

  • Fixed width for column in Manage User listing

  • Add asterisk sign on password label and change position

  • Added tiktok icon in Landing page designs

  • Centred send and download icons on All data Reports

  • Centred edit and delete icons on multiple pages

  • Fixed landing page preview page alignment

  • Add scroll bar to merge videos

  • Fix for service advisor company folder

  • Fixed Templates searching and delete issue

  • Locations Auth fixes

  • Custom Reports - Try Again issue

  • Fix save profile issue for Phone2 and department fields

  • Fix YouTube console errors

  • Fix incorrect type, integrationType, unread and last message updated for new messages

  • Fix RO sum when quote price is null or undefined

  • Display toast message when adding and updating video attributes

  • Locations Auth fixes

  • When there are no videos Wheels TV buttons is missing

  • Fix LP builder share company toggle color issue on edit mode

  • Fixed video merging issue

  • Preview LP to Preview

  • Fix YouTube console errors

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