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How to create chapters in Covideo
How to create chapters in Covideo

Learn how to add chapters to your videos

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Video chapters are a great way to break your videos into bite-sized chunks making it easier and faster to find information within your video. Each chapter will contain a video preview allowing your viewer to know what topic is coming up next, and to skip around to the areas most important to them.

How to create chapters in Covideo

Adding your chapters in Covideo easy! Here is how:

  1. Select your Library on the Covideo app.

  2. Select the video you want to edit.

  3. On the left sidebar, click Chapters.

  4. Select the orange “+ Add Chapter” button to begin adding chapters.

  5. Update the timestamp in the left column and the title of each chapter in the right column.

  6. As needed, add additional chapters.

    1. Videos cannot have a single chapter, and each chapter has to be at least 10 second long.

  7. Click the orange “Save Changes” button when you’re done to save.

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