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How can I improve my video email's open rates/views?
How can I improve my video email's open rates/views?

How to determine the success of your video emails.

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In this article, we'll show tell you some of our tips for improving your open/view rates. We highly recommend reading our blog, "Determining the Success of Your Video Emails" to learn more!

Step-by-Step: How to Improve Your Video Email's Open Rates & Views

Step 1. Personalize your email's subject line

Make a great first impression with a subject line that stands out against the rest.

Keep it short and sweet with the audience in mind. Also, try and avoid spammy words & language that might get your email caught by a spam filter. 

Step 2. Research your industries recommend times

Try and deliver your emails to your recipients' inbox during times that have been proven to be the highest for open rates. Check out this article on the best times to send your emails.

Step 3. Always use Covideo's Animated Snapshot option

Have a great first frame for your video email thumbnail.

Make sure you've got a smile on your face, the picture is light and bright, and if you use our animated snapshot feature - wave in the first few seconds of your video so that you are waving at them in the inbox! 

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