Ahhh...the dreaded spam folder. If you are experiencing deliverability issues when it comes to sending your emails through Covideo do not worry! We have a few tips on how to avoid ending up in the spam folder below! 

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Stay away from trigger words such as:
- Test
- Money
- Increase sales
- Be sure to avoid these other 100 top email spam words when crafting that superb subject line.

  1. Avoid all caps, weird fonts, and colors
  2. Make sure your text to image ratio is just right
    - Be sure to add a good amount of text (at least a couple of sentences) to your email in addition to your video. If too many images are crowding your email, your message is guaranteed to wind up in junk mail.

For more tips and tricks on how to avoid the spam folder, check out our full blog post by clicking the image below: 

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