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Why won't my webcam or camera work in Covideo?
Why won't my webcam or camera work in Covideo?

Here are steps to get your webcam or camera to work within the Covideo website.

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If your webcam does not work at and you can’t see yourself, try these steps:

Methods to enable your camera on the Covideo website:

  1. Make sure your webcam is not opened up anywhere else. Your webcam can only work with one program at a time. Close all other programs that could be trying to access the webcam (cough *zoom*).

  2. Make sure the browser has not blocked access to your webcam or microphone.

  3. Check to see if your browser is up-to-date. You may need to relaunch your browser for the update to take place. 

  4. Make sure that there is not any firewall/security setting blocking access to your webcam. 

  5. Make sure you are not connected to a VPN. 

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