If your webcam does not work at covideo.com and you can’t see yourself, try these steps:

For Covideo Mobile app users, please read our article on your phone's permissions.

Methods to enable your camera on the Covideo website:

  1. Avoid Internet Explorer! Covideo will not work within this browser.

  2. Make sure your webcam is not opened up anywhere else. Your webcam can only work with one program at a time. Close all other programs that could be trying to access the webcam (cough *zoom*).

  3. Make sure the browser has not blocked access to your webcam or microphone.

  4. Check to see if your browser is up-to-date. You may need to relaunch your browser for the update to take place. 

  5. Make sure that there is not any firewall/security setting blocking access to your webcam. 

  6. Make sure you are not connected to a VPN. 

For further assistance, please call our support team at 800-306-1445. 

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