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January 2024
What's New with Covideo - January 2024
What's New with Covideo - January 2024

Here are the latest updates to Covideo in January!

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New Features

Distributing your videos is easier than ever with an upgrade to Covideo folders. When you create a custom folder, you can share that folder with specific departments, teams, or users within your organization. You can then define whether those with access can view, copy to their library, or make changes to videos.

Product Updates

Now, when you create a custom report, you can add seven service-specific data points, including repair order revenue and close ratio. If your service department is using Covideo, go to your Reports tab to try it out.

Interactive CTAs offer a new way to share links directly inside your video player. You can choose up to three key CTAs that will appear when the Covideo ends or is paused.

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