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August 2023
Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes August 2023
Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes August 2023

Here are the latest features and bug fixes to Covideo in August 2023

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Profile grouping

We rearranged and grouped the items in the profile dropdown to make them more organized and easier to navigate and use.

New to the Integrations page

TMS and DealerCenter now on the Integrations page.

Bug Fixes:

  • 'Edit' button on the Landing page builder break fix

  • Match font and color for Working Hours in Edit My Profile

  • Customizing Dashboard - Widgets fix

  • CRM Integrations page - VinSolutions setup not working properly

  • Admin Tab - Usage reports issues

  • Covideo AI Assist for CRM - Mark as sent

  • Make Reseller 37 the default when creating new customer

  • Change default date format for all new admin pages

  • Spacing in Dashboard Widget

  • Can't change password

  • Notifications UI Issues

  • Signup seat fix

  • User is redirecting to previous page on clicking 'Department' dropdown

  • Admin Pages - Uppercase characters are converted to lowercase characters after search action

  • Email Batches Issues

  • Two different error messages appear on sharing ‘Reactions and Comments’ reports, when the data is empty

  • User is redirected to homepage on clicking 'back' icon from 'Add ons' page

  • Create a new Tag Issue

  • Contacts - Select 'Current View' not working properly

  • Phone field position should be aligned with Last Name field

  • Landing page alignment fix

  • 'Repair Order' Notifications fix

  • Hyperlinking text in header box removes formatting

  • Phone field position should be aligned with Last Name field

  • Change Email Domain for Custom Reports

  • Fix landing pages count and pagination issue

  • Fix query for searching qrVideos via search parameter

  • Custom Reports Data Display Breakdown

  • New admin pages when saving customer under reseller

  • Live video - Minimize the upload recording modal

  • Mic echo when recording, upload style fix

  • Fix/Add fetch videos in library when in default folder and default page after importing a video from wheelsTV

  • Multi Location - show full location name

  • Add customer ID to - change customer dropdown

  • Contacts - Groups Issues

  • Make phone number field not required

  • Freemium - Stuck on the upgrade page. Can't go back fix

  • Interactive CTAs - When choosing File Link or Board Link type

  • “Loading” spinner not centered in Analytics

  • Mark required fields on 'edit customer'

  • Repair Orders - cancel and save buttons not visible

  • Image annotation - long file name issue

  • 'Forbidden' error in Integrations page

  • Recorded By issue

  • Admin Pages - Default Package to 'Legacy' in case CDS is selected while creating/updating a customer

  • Text style dropdowns not opening in LP Builder

  • No pagination on Teleprompter page (My Scripts and Shared with Company tabs)

  • New Manage Customer > The user count is not tracking when new users are added

  • Create Board button should be cds blue

  • Freemium “free” account - Upload/Record buttons are not disabled when the limit is reached, they are clickable and redirecting to billing page

  • Selected folder UI bug on Windows

  • Text style dropdowns not opening in Landing page Builder

  • Match font and color for Working Hours in Edit My Profile

  • Removed publishing details on LinkedIn social tab

  • Service manager - 'Reply with video' issue fixed

  • Add organizationId and organizationName to Linkedin analytics

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