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July 2023
Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes July 2023
Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes July 2023

Here are the latest updates to Covideo in July 2023.

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Publish tab

  • You can push to: Facebook business pages, any Youtube account, Linkedin organizations pages

Sharing Folders

  • Ability to share folders (videos) with users within your company OR if you are Reseller Admin you can also share with different customers from your reseller.

  • We have 3 folder access levels:

    • Can view: can only view the videos

    • Can copy to library: can view videos, copy to primary library and download

    • Can Edit/Upload: you can view videos, copy them, delete them, upload new videos to the folder, send&share the videos like they are your own.

New Admin pages

  • Better user interface for easier navigation

  • AM’s and support can now switch customers to 4.0 (CDS) without dev. Help.

  • AM’s and support can also change the customer plan (legacy, pro, teams…)

  • A demo video was sent to all customers that have the admin dropdown so they also know about the update.

Sharing teleprompter scripts with company

  • Users can now create scripts and share with the company.

  • Once shared the script goes from My Scripts into the Shared with company scripts but it is visible in the list when you go to Record - Teleprompter

  • Only the owner of the script can make edits to the shared script. Others can copy the script to their script library and edit it there.

Bug Fixes:

  • Admin Pages - Pagination issues

  • Admin Pages - Button issues

  • Two different landing pages appear to resend the same video from recipients

  • Admin Pages - Fix dropdowns

  • Edit user is not updating under 'Admin Pages'.

  • Admin Pages - Mark Required fields

  • Admin Pages - Admin dropdown

  • Admin Pages - change reseller modal

  • Move All Stats - All Users permission from Reseller Admin to Company Admin

  • Add department dropdown on create/edit admin user pages

  • Admin Pages - Freemium package and CDS access

  • 'Fix video status' not updating

  • Folder Issues fixes

  • Adding reseller numbers next to each reseller when creating a new 'Customer' in Covideo

  • Files - 'Tab' is highlighted in orange/cds blue when it is not being viewed

  • Service Tech - Duplicate video - When user duplicates the video, status is set to Approved and video is assigned to service tech

  • Add Videos From Wheels TV throws an error

  • CDS > Leaderboard > Incorrect data

  • New Manage Customer > The user count is not tracking when new users are added by

  • Videos not pasting as GIFs

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