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June 2023
What's New with Covideo June 2023
What's New with Covideo June 2023

Here are the latest features and bug fixes in June 2023.

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  • Free Trial available for Covideo Dealer Services

  • Added font preview in Landing Page Builder

  • Changed the minimum length of time required to add video chapters

Bug Fixes

  • Using Website Overlay as default with a saved URL

  • Can't remove recurring report recipients

  • Fix widget allignment on All Teams -- details page

  • Leaderboard field are moving to next row on selecting different timezone

  • Video count and alignment gets changed on entering text under ‘Search bar’, when the video count is 10/10 for free users.

  • Users count is not updating on selecting users under files and boards.

  • All Teams page fixes

  • Error message appears on deleting account

  • Fix video view notification check on send tab

  • Copy and paste in Safari not working

  • Fix multi location dropdown height issue

  • Fix interactive CTAs

  • Manage Defaults pulls inactive users

  • Allowing letters in phone number fields

  • Nothing happened on clicking any button from the three dots under files and boards Send and Share error

  • Video Chapters - Delete first chapter, everything will be deleted fix

  • User is not able to click on folders

  • Custom Thumbnail saving fix

  • Legacy users - Validation on Phone field in form

  • QR "Hits" not clickable but appears like it is

  • Videos viewers message store

  • All Teams page - Download should download csv. file

  • Can't delete interactive CTA

  • Video organizer in reporting

  • Fix/annotation bugs

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