What is included in my Free Account?
Learn what features are included in your free account
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Basic recording, hosting and sharing for individuals with occasional video needs

Video Creation & Hosting

✓ Video Uploading

✓ Video Recording up to 5 minutes

✓ Video Hosting of up to 10 videos - Deleted after 60 days inactivity

Recording Options

✓ Web Recorder

✓ Chrome Extension

✓ Mobile Apps

Video Optimization

✓ Video Trimming

✓ Custom Thumbnails

✓ GIF Thumbnails

Video Sharing

✓ Link Sharing

✓ CRM & Social Sharing

Contact Management

✓ Contacts

✓ Groups

✓ Opt-Outs

Video Options and Management
✓ Up to 1080p video quality

Video Analytics

✓ View Notifications

✓ Notifications Center 3.0


✓ Gmail Integration
✓ Chrome
✓ Hubspot
✓ LinkedIn

✓ Access to Help Center

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