Featured updates:

Multi Location Management/ log-in

  • Gives users who have access to multiple locations the ability to have only 1 login into Covideo, and switching between locations easily without having to log out and log back in.

  • For now, this will be turned on by request.

New Automotive Send&Share

  • Embed is now in its own tab

  • Landing Page and CTA picker is now to the right under the video thumbnail

Other new features:

  • Added new automotive how-to videos to 4.0.

  • Help banner at the top of pages

  • Creating contacts without email, just phone number

  • Redesign of Video Library for 3.0 and 4.0 with no auto role

  • Video library now looks the same in standard Covideo and Covideo 4.0 (there is no way to switch back)

  • Date range added in custom reports (When selecting custom range, you are not able to create a recurring report)

  • Added views for Automotive Sales leaderboard

  • Supervisors can view the new reporting dashboard

  • Hide vehicle price on customer level

Bug fixes

  • Firefox upload issue

  • My Team design issue

  • Show toast message when File privacy is set

  • Video preview bug fixed

  • Add reseller check for customer report and all teams reports page

  • Show helpdesk for video library

  • Video Library - Appearance tab - Disable Save changes button when the changes are saved

  • Fixed Listdropdown overlap issue on video listing page

  • Add spacing between Name,Email,username on Manage User page

  • Added duration to thumbnail and owner to company folder video row

  • Fixed CTA actions button layout and positions

  • Repair orders issue

  • Fix for vinsolution active leads

  • Add password protection in case of trimming video

  • Remove Duplicate button on Company Folder

  • Timezone preference not displaying correctly in notification center on views

  • Add reseller check for customer report and all teams reports

  • Show full name of users in Top Users report

  • Added hover on top links, top sets and top videos

  • Password field is required validation message appears on updating the user info

  • Added delivery method fixes

  • QR code add/edit modal fixes

  • Added missing trim option

  • Incorrect validation message appears on deleting 'Contacts' from 'Groups

  • Cannot Delete more than 1 template

  • Reports dashboard header fixed for Logging as feature

  • Fixed dropdown padding for first option

  • Firefox upload issue

  • Adjust width for name in edit user page

  • Fixed Minute and Day wording when message received

  • Disable download button and Show Toast message while downloading videos

  • Lock icon added for Automotive Video

  • User can click on 'Save Changes' when the 'Tag already exists'

  • Remove All Advisor option from Filter video and change URL for conversation in case of Service Tech

  • Review upload videos count fix

  • My Team design issue

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