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Covideo Updates and Bug Fixes - January 2023
Covideo Updates and Bug Fixes - January 2023

Here's what's new with Covideo in January 2023

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Updates to Covideo

  • Website overlay 4.0. Giving CDS users the ability to use website overlay in send&share. This can only be used if no vehicle or quote is selected.

  • Reporting dashboard. The Dashboard is live for all ADMINs and it is the default reporting page instead of the Legacy Reports.

  • Dealerslink IMS integration. New inventory management integration for Covideo Dealer Services. Users that have inventory on Dealerslink are now able to pull their inventory into Covideo. The setup is same as for VAuto.

  • Video Attributes - Reporting. Long awaited reporting on video attributes is here! Users can set a recurring report, or include video attributes reporting into their custom reports.

  • Dealerslink IMS integration. New Inventory Management provider for Covideo Dealer Services.

CDS Send&share - ability to use custom LP. 4.0 users can now use custom build landing pages in their send&share when including a quote or inventory piece.

Bug Fixes

  • Website overlay 4.0 fix

  • [Reports] My Stats Issues

  • Copied Videos Missing annotations

  • Reset password email template changes for CDS

  • Outlook365 Add in Missing Status

  • Department added for custom report data API

  • Department added in custom report download

  • The comment button is partially hidden after adjusting the window's size.

  • Video player CTA fixes for Covideo Dealer Services Landing Pages

  • Duplicate video error message display fix

  • Fixed [firstname] required for Contacts

  • When recording/uploading/saving a video, the video does not show immediately in the Library in Covideo Dealer Services

  • Matched CDS Branding on multiple pages

  • Fix video type as [required] when user uploads video

  • Merge video save button disabled if only 1 video is present in the list

  • Fix charts to support longer video analytics

  • CDS - [Email editor] Add option to remove link from Email template

  • The Departments dropdown - removed empty space

  • [Service] When RO has a lot of activity, the activity does not show properly

  • Fixed spacing issue in Gmail

  • Copy to company folder fixed in review uploaded files

  • 'Back' icon is not working properly under 'Custom Reports' page

  • Landing page layout is improper

  • 3 tags gets created on creating one tag

  • Fixed video count alignment issue

  • Dashboard - Top five users comparison is not loaded and user receives console error message Unable to search users in Manage Users by first+last name

  • Fixed notification preferences when set from Manage defaults

  • Fix Zoom Integration not working

  • Empty folder creation on add to library fix

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