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December 2022
Updates & Bug Fixes in December 2022
Updates & Bug Fixes in December 2022

Here are the latest updates and bug fixes to Covideo in December 2022

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New Features:

  • The ability to Create folders for automotive sales roles

  • Enabled video reply for Covideo Dealer Services

  • Redesign of the merge video screen

  • Ability to send to multiple recipients 4.0. - Gives our users the ability to send videos to multiple recipients containing inventory details.

  • Enabled disclaimer on Service LP - Ability to add additional text to the Service Landing page

    PS: Sending to groups is coming soon!

Bug Fixes

  • Removed Element451 and Hubspot from CDS integrations page

  • Remove sold vehicles from Vehicle attribute when uploading/recording video

  • Added user's name to custom report page

  • [All Data] Create Recurring Report - When a user downloads a CSV file, he receives an empty file

  • Added a 'sold' filter to vehicle search

  • Fix for 'select all contacts'

  • [My Stats] Send button misplaced when viewing stats with longer name

  • Remove unsold vehicles from send&share dropdown

  • Stats page fix time and date with timezone issue

  • Video Attributes Reporting fixes

  • Change button text in case of edit QR to Save Changes

  • Blank Page Appears When the User Clicks on Preview Landing Page button

  • Fix visual bug on Recent Deleted page

  • Fix Fax number format and limit issue

  • [Service] Add toast message for email sent confirmation

  • Video Analytics Issue

  • [Contacts] When creating a new group for contact, the group name is retained after Cancel Create a new Video Attributes - When the user hovers over ID, the text is hidden

  • When a user shares a video and then clicks on the preview landing page, the video is marked as viewed after the user cancels the action send&share

  • When a user uploads a vertical video and then enters the Edit page for that video, the video player is partially visible

  • Contacts - Button should be grayed out when no changes are made

  • Add range yesterday to recurring reports

  • Fix notification email from information for whitelabels

  • DealerSocket integration fix

  • Video Analytics Issue Existing groups filtered out in add to group modal for a contact Teleprompter title empty check added

  • QRCodes Issues - Fixed issue with notifications "jumping"

  • Check and improve performance while merging multiple videos

  • Library - Numbers of Views are not fully visible in the graph

  • Fixed characters limit issue on frontend

  • Fixed mouse clicks on reports table listings

  • Fixed CDS account company folder pagination

  • Upload Video - Option Move to the Company folder is not working

  • Fix video merge issues

  • Change position and colors of buttons

  • Selected video bar fixed for signed in as sessions

  • [Service] User can add duplicate quote items to both required and optional fields

  • [Service] Add limit to price field when creating a new Service

  • Fix dropdown issue in QR modal

  • Video attributes reporting - UI Fixes

  • Menu alignment issues

  • Help Desk article links not aligned properly

  • [Reactions Tab] When a user searches for a reaction name that does not exist, the message 'No data found' is missing.

  • Annotation templates bug fixes

  • [404 pages] In My Team, "undefined" shows instead of 404 page

  • Fix standard users not to edit company cta sets

  • Fix view rate for delivery method widgets Fix Landing Page Builder Layout Padding issue

  • Optimize reports download

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