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November 2022
Updates and Bug Fixes in November 2022
Updates and Bug Fixes in November 2022

Here's what's new with Covideo in November

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Disclaimer for CDS Sales Landing Page

We are giving the Automotive Sales user the ability to add text to their Sales Landing Pages that include vehicle information. They can write disclaimers or any other information that apply to every Sales landing page.

This feature will be coming to the Service landing page soon.

Not Found Pages

If for some reason, the user goes to a page that does not exist (edits the url or goes to an old link within the app) they will see this page instead of a loading spinner.

MaxDigital integration

Vehicle Inventory integration. Needs to be requested to Account Managers.

It can take 1-3 days for the integration process to be done.

Push video to VDP

Automotive users can publish a video from Covideo directly to their Vehicle Display Page on their website. Currently only available for Dealerships who’s website provider is

Reseller reporting

Enabled by request for Reseller Admins.

Bug Fixes for Covideo

  • Misaligned elements in commenting section

  • Cutting off users name if comment is long

  • The comment and reaction icons are not aligned on the landing.covideo (when the vehicle is selected)

  • Wrong timestamp for reactions and comments

  • Video view notification is wrong

  • Sharing on social platforms strips the video url

  • Video activity not working

  • Video view email notification not coming through

  • Disable commenting & reactions on company level not working

  • Showing wrong timing on commenting & reactions

  • Downloading comments with , issue

  • Make search field in Commenting & reactions not case sensitive

  • Reactions tab - Annotations visible in the video preview

  • When a user deletes reactions from a video, the reaction table is not instantly updated; the user must reload the page to view the proper data.

  • Save changes modal pops up when no changes were made + handling save action bugs

  • Conversations - Picture not received

  • Change Covideo logo to video thumbnail when sharing video

Bug Fixes for Covideo Dealer Services

  • Sales Manager - The preview of the landing page now works if a vehicle is added to the video.

  • Dealer Socket SMS and CTA clicked events not working

  • The user is unable to add more than one reaction to a video that has a Vehicle added, and errors in the console are displayed.

  • Service technician - surplus folders

  • Service technician - Reassign button not available

  • Send and share doesn't keep inputs on tab change

  • Show only not sold vehicles in send&share dropdown

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