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Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes October 2022
Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes October 2022

Here are the latest updates for Covideo in October 2022

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What's New!

  • Added admin and supervisor icons to All teams reports

  • Removed video type as required attribute for Service technician

  • Enabled email notifications for Quote & test drive by default

  • Added Sales variables to send & share flow

  • Added Video reply as a notification type

  • Added advanced settings to annotations for Covideo 4.0.

  • NEW Voiceover feature

  • Added 'yesterday' to time selection in Reports

  • Page-specific links to Covideo Help Desk articles

  • Option to add a video to company folder when uploading

  • Ability for Admin to set a logo annotation on company level 4.0.

Bug fixes

  • Leaderboard no longer shows wrong data after running automotive enable script

  • Fixed bug where 'mark as sent' not visible in reporting

  • Multi-video banner no longer covers search bar in 4.0.

  • Vertical video in send&share modal has proper dimensions

  • Fixed 'Today's Data' bug on custom reports

  • Fixed 'Repair order' not tracking and updating in 4.0.

  • Fixed CTA clicks not tracking properly in Analytics in 4.0

  • Fixed issue of video library not loading when you switch videos between different folders

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