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How do I use reactions and comments?
How do I use reactions and comments?

Learn what reactions and comments are and how you can utilize them.

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Covideo’s reactions and comments feature allows your prospects, customers and team members to interact with and respond to your video messages in real-time.

How to enable this feature:

To enable this feature, you must be an admin of your Covideo account. First navigate to “Company Settings” under your profile name. Next to “Reactions & Comments” you’ll have three options to choose from.

  1. “Disable for all users” turns off the feature entirely.

  2. “Enable and turn on by default,” means all new videos for you and your team will have reactions automatically turned on.

  3. “Enable and turn off by default,” turns on the feature for you and your team, but will require you to manually enable it on a video-by-video basis.

Once enabled in the settings, users will have the option to turn reactions on or off for each specific video.

When watching the video, your viewers can add reactions and comments as the video plays. These will show on the video at the specific timestamp it was made so you know exactly which part of your message they were reacting to.

Viewers can leave as many reactions as they want, and can delete reactions if needed. Your viewer will only be able to see the reactions and comments that they have left. If sent to multiple people, only you will have access to see all reactions and comments.

If the video was sent through Covideo’s platform or a Covideo integration, it will automatically detect the contacts info and tie it to the reaction. If not sent through Covideo, the viewer will be asked to enter their name the first time they react or comment - so you know who left which interaction.

Analytics and Reports:

You can view reactions and comments by clicking “more options” next to the video of your choosing in your library and swapping to the reactions page. Here you can view how many of each reaction your video has garnered, the timestamp of each reaction, who made the reaction, and any comments left on the video. Use the dropdown to see specific reactions or the search box for specific viewers.

A CSV file of the reactions can also be emailed out and downloaded to your computer if needed.

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