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Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes in June
Covideo Updates & Bug Fixes in June

Check out Covideo's latest updates and bug fixes.

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Covideo Updates

  • Admins can now edit their user's usernames, in addition to their passwords

  • Users can search for a video through all folders, not just folder-by-folder

  • Users can create their own folders, edit the names, move videos, delete folders and decide what happens to the videos from that folder

Covideo Dealer Services Updates

  • Support badge: New feature that makes it easier for automotive users to reach their account manager to get support

  • Send & Share: Top bar in the send&share module is now sticky so users don't have to scroll to the top to send an Email/SMS & Quote

  • Service Manager now has two landing page builders: One is the standard builder, and the other is under "Service Pages" which they set a Service Landing page for the whole company. (Advisors and technicians don't have this feature)

Bug Fixes

  • Automotive users had issues with the link leading to the video containing the quote. It wasn't showing in SMS and wasn't clickable from the email - FIXED

  • Automotive users couldn't preview the landing page while in Send & Share mode - FIXED

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