Accidentally sent a video through the Covideo platform to the wrong email address? With recipient blocking, you can prevent that individual from viewing your video.

Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step guide to see how it works.

How To Block A Recipient From Viewing Your Video

1. In your Covideo library, find the video you sent and click "Analytics".

2. Click on the "Recipients" tab to see the email(s) to whom the video was sent.

3. Click the block icon next to the email you want to remove. This prevents that recipient from viewing your video.

4. After you confirm you want them blocked, they will disappear from the recipient list and no longer have access to the video. If the recipient clicks on the video after they've been blocked, they will be notified the video is no longer available.

If you want that person to have access again, you can always resend the video in a new email!

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