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How To Generate QR Codes
How To Generate QR Codes

Learn how to create QR codes for URLs, Covideos, files, and boards - directly within your Covideo account.

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Covideo makes it easy to create QR codes that send viewers to a Covideo, file, or board from your Covideo. Or, use Covideo's QR generator to link to a website, custom URL, or your social media.

QR codes are instantly recognizable, easy to use, and an efficient way to link to videos or other web pages. This is a great way to encourage prospects and customers to engage with your content at just the right moment. Now, you can generate QR codes in seconds within Covideo. Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to generate a QR code in Covideo.

How To Create a New QR Code

When generating QR codes, you have the option to link to custom URLs, or to an item in your Covideo library (video, file, board). Let's see how to create a QR code for both methods:

1. To create a new QR code, switch to the design page in the Covideo desktop platform.

2. On the side toolbar, navigate to “QR Codes”. Here you can access and view all your existing QR codes.

3. Create a new QR code by clicking “New QR Code”.

4. For Adding Custom URLs: Add in a title for your code. (The title is only for your reference and will not be visible to scanners.) Then, select "Custom URL" and type / paste any URL from the web. When you are finished setting up your QR code, click “Generate QR Code”. This will add it to your Covideo library of existing QR codes and from here, you can download the image.

4. For Adding Items In Your Covideo Library: Add a title for your QR code and select "Your Library". Then click, "Select Video, File, or Board..." to pull up your Covideo library.

5. For Adding Items In Your Covideo Library: Locate the item you want to connect to your QR code. If you select a video, choose which landing page and calls-to-action set the QR code will link to. Once finished, click "Generate QR Code".

6. After clicking "Generate QR Code" the code will appear. Click the arrow to download the QR image to your computer. Your QR code is ready for use!

7. When done, click "Close" and the code will save to your Covideo QR library that you can access and edit for future use.

*Note: If the QR code is saved and eventually deleted, the image will still scan and function properly. However, we encourage you to save your QR codes to your Covideo library for easy reference and future use.

How to Access Your QR Library

To access your list of QR codes, navigate to "Design" at the top of your Covideo library, and then select "QR codes" on the left-hand toolbar. Here you can access, edit, track and delete all of your saved QR codes.

How to Redownload a QR Code

To redownload a QR code, access your library of QR codes and find the item you want to redownload. Select the pencil icon for the specific item. Then click the download arrow below the QR image.

How to Edit a QR Code

Our QR codes are dynamic, which means you can update the destination even after the code has been generated. This means any printed or digital piece using our QR codes never comes outdated.

To edit, access your Covideo QR library and locate the item you want to edit. Select the pencil icon to edit your QR code.

Here you can edit the final destination (URL, video, file, or board) of an existing QR code. Make your changes, then click "Edit QR" to save.

How to Delete a QR Code from Library

To delete a QR code from your Covideo library, locate the item and click the trash icon. Deleting a QR code only removes it from your Covideo account - any existing QR image will still function as normal.

We discourage deleting QR codes - your Covideo library contains unlimited storage for all your QR codes. Additionally, you have the option to modify the destination of QR codes that are already included in print and digital materials.

How to Track Number of Scans

See how many times your QR code has been scanned and viewed by going to your QR library and looking under "Hits". This can also give you insight into your top-performing QR codes.

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