Notifications bring your Covideo alerts to one central location!

When logging into your Covideo account, you will see a bell icon next to the Record button on your Covideo toolbar. This is where your notifications live.

When will you receive a notification?

You will receive a notification when someone on your team shares a board or a file with you. You will also receive notifications for reports - and it will let you know when your report is ready to view.

How do you know when there's a new notification?

When you have a new notification, an orange dot will appear with a number inside of it, signaling how many notifications you have.

How do you see all notifications?

When you click on the notification icon, you will be taken to a page that has all of your notifications listed. You can sort these notifications by files, boards, or reports - which will only show you the notifications that apply to that specified category. Or, search for a notification using the search bar.

Notification Details

Each notification will show what was shared with you, who shared it, what category it's in, and when it was shared. There will be a button on the right-hand side that will take you directly to that file, board, etc.

How to Mark Notifications as Read

Once you click on the notification, it will mark it as read. You can mark all of your notifications as read by clicking the button "Mark All as Read" at the top.

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