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How to Use the Covideo & HubSpot Integration
How to Use the Covideo & HubSpot Integration

Bring the power of video to your sales conversations with the Covideo integration for HubSpot.

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With the integration, you can record and send engaging video content directly from Hubspot - or access your video library for perennial content to use over and over.

Covideo also works in your notes for each contact - allowing you to add zoom recordings or record your own meeting recaps for easy access and playback. Last but not least, incorporate Covideo into your Hubspot conversations and use video to humanize your chats with leads, building instant trust and rapport.

Spark more conversations, convert leads to opportunities, and close more deals with Covideo for Hubspot.

Adding the Covideo Integration to Hubspot

Step 1: To start using the Covideo integration for Hubspot, you’ll first need to add the Covideo chrome extension to your browser. Download the Covideo Chrome Extension here.

Step 2: Once added, click on the icon in your toolbar and login to your Covideo account. We recommend pinning the Covideo chrome extension to your toolbar for easy access.

Step 3: That's it! When you log into HubSpot, the Covideo extension will be automatically detected and activate the integration.

Adding a Covideo to Emails in Hubspot

You can access the integration under each contact record when you compose a new email. Login to your Hubspot account to get started.

Step 1: Select "Contacts" in the navigation bar, find the contact, and click "email." This will prompt the email window to open.

Step 2: To add an existing video, click on the Covideo icon at the bottom of the email compose window. This will open your library, giving you access to all of your existing videos and files, any of which can easily be inserted into the email by clicking the “insert” button.

Step 3: Or, record a new video from the library window as well by clicking “new recording” in the top right corner, then choosing between webcam, screen, or both.

Step 4: Click "insert video" and the video will now appear in the email message.

Adding a Covideo to Notes in Hubspot

Additionally, you can add videos and files from your library to notes in HubSpot. Notes are a great place to record your own recaps or upload an existing Zoom meeting to refer back to and reference at ease.

Step 1: Select a contact you want to make a note in and, click "Note."

Step 2: Here, you'll find the Covideo icon at the bottom toolbar of your notes. Here you can record a new video note, or upload an existing video using the same method as above.

Adding a Covideo to Conversations in Hubspot

On top of emails and notes, the integration can be used to send videos through HubSpot conversations as well - further expanding your sales personalization potential.

Step 1: Click on "Conversations" in the Hubspot navigation, and select "Inbox."

Step 2: At the bottom toolbar of each chat, you'll find the Covideo icon. Click the Covideo icon for access to that same library window, and choose to record a new video or add an existing one.

Tracking Covideo Activity

Step 1: Email tracking can be viewed under the “activity” tab on each contact. Select "Contacts" in the navigation bar, find the contact, and click "activity."

Step 2: Here you can see past videos you’ve sent out and whether the contact has opened that video email or not. More in-depth analytics can be viewed in your Covideo account.

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