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Set up the Covideo for Zoom Integration
Set up the Covideo for Zoom Integration

Turn your Zoom recordings into engaging, shareable video content.

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Turn your Zoom recordings into engaging, shareable video content.

With the Covideo for Zoom integration, any meeting or webinar that you record to the cloud will be automatically uploaded to your Covideo account.

  • Store and host recordings in one, secure location

  • Share out recordings with a link and animated thumbnail for engaging follow up emails

  • Edit and polish recordings with trim and merge features

  • Playback recordings within your custom branded landing page

  • Viewers can adjust playback speed faster or slower when watching videos

  • Add clickable calls-to-action to drive next steps

  • Automatically generate captions that can be translated into seven different languages

  • Password protect recordings for extra security

  • Track who’s watching, when and how much with in-depth analytics

  • Unlimited storage means you never have to delete recordings to make extra space

From meetings to webinars, and presentations to virtual conferences, Covideo’s integration for Zoom makes for simple sharing and unlimited storage.


The Zoom account that you use to set up the integration must be a licensed Zoom Pro or higher user.

Connect Covideo to Zoom

  1. From Covideo back office click on Integrations > Zoom

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  2. Click on the Connect button

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Zoom will launch a window asking you to authorize Covideo to access your account. If you are not already, you may be prompted to sign in to Zoom. Ensure that you sign in with the appropriate Zoom user account to authorize the integration.

Select Authorize to continue.

Delete the Zoom integration

When you delete the Zoom integration, cloud recordings from Zoom will no longer automatically upload into your users' Primary folder in Covideo.

Before uninstalling, be mindful that per Zoom's data retention policy, your auto-uploaded Zoom recordings will automatically be deleted from your account within 10 days of uninstallation. To avoid this, you should either keep the app installed or download your videos from Covideo before they are deleted.

  1. From the Covideo back office, click on Integrations followed by Zoom

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  2. Click on the Disconnect button

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You can also choose to delete the integration from your account in the Zoom Marketplace.

  1. Click on Installed Apps

Next to Covideo, select Uninstall then follow the prompts to confirm your decision.

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