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How to Use the Covideo Elead Integration
How to Use the Covideo Elead Integration

Learn how to use Covideo within Elead.

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Covideo’s integration for Elead is the fastest, most streamlined way for our dealers to record, send and track all of your video messages. No more flipping back and forth between applications or clunky processes. Now, you can do everything from start to finish from a single screen, in a fraction of the time. Watch the How To video or follow the step-by-step below to get started.

Integrating Covideo with Elead

Not integrated yet? To integrate Covideo and Elead, speak with the administrator at your dealership or your account manager at Covideo. You can also email or call our support team for help - 1.800.306.1445 |

Accessing Covideo within Elead

Step 1: Click the “videos” button in the Elead email composer.

Step 2: In the popup window, log into your account using your Covideo credentials.

Step 3: Next, you’ll be able to record new videos with the webcam recorder or search through existing videos in your library to insert them into an email.

Adding videos to email templates

If you’d like to add a video to one of your existing Elead templates, be sure to select the template first, then position your cursor where you’d like the video to be inserted.

Sending a video within Elead

Step 1: Click the “videos” button in the Elead email composer.

Step 2: Log in to your Covideo account if needed.

Step 3: Click the “insert” button under the video.

Recording a video within Elead

Step 1: Press the “start recording” button under your webcam. Wait for the countdown.

Step 2: Record your video. When done, click “stop recording”.

Step 3: Click "upload". The video will be processed and automatically added to the email.

*Note: Now that your video has been inserted into the email, add text, a subject line, and any additional information you’d like before sending.

Video Tracking

Tracking for these videos can be found under the customer's completed activity history and will show as "email sent". Additionally, videos sent through the Covideo desktop or mobile applications will be automatically logged to the corresponding customer’s record in Elead.

Additional analytics - like hotspots and call to action clicks - can still be found in your Covideo account under the video’s analytics section. Learn more about how to see Advanced Analytics for your videos here.

Need more help?

Current Covideo Users: Use this link or the button below to contact your Account Manager about the Elead Integration. You will be prompted to log in to your account and will then be directed to an Elead integration page. From there, click the orange button to send a question, note, or message to your Covideo contact (pictured below).

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