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How to Use Tags in Your Covideo Account
How to Use Tags in Your Covideo Account

Use tags to organize your videos into categories and search more efficiently.

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With our tagging feature, users can label their videos into groups to make it easier to search for and keep their videos organized.

Watch the video below to see how tagging works, or keep reading to get the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step: How to Use Video Tagging

Step 1: Click on the video title you'd like to tag

In your "manage" tab, you'll have the option to click on "manage tag."

Step 2: Create a new tag a pick from existing tags

In the "add tags" field, you can search for editing tags or create new tags. You can also remove existing ones!

Once you've added all the tags for your video, make sure you press save changes.

Step 3: Go to your video library and search for your tags

Now anytime you need to search for a tag, you can use the search bar in your video library. Any video that has the corresponding tag will appear.

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