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How to Use Covideo's SMS Feature
How to Use Covideo's SMS Feature

With Covideo’s SMS capability, dealerships can message buyers and customers from a local number dedicated specifically to them.

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When you purchase Covideo's SMS feature, your team can message the same unique number in their Covideo account.

Benefits of the SMS feature:

  • Reps and service teams don't need to text from their personal numbers.

  • Prevent dropped leads or communication if there’s staff turnover.

  • Your team can pick up where the conversation left off.

  • Integrated “opt-ins,” your outreach will be in-line with your state’s requirements for messaging compliance.

Covideo SMS functions like normal texting, so there’s no learning curve. All of your messages - including videos and photos - are stored in one place within the Covideo app to keep your team organized.

Here's how to use the SMS Feature:

Step-by-Step: How to Use the Covideo SMS Feature

Step 1: Click on "Messages" toward the bottom of your phone.

Once the SMS feature has been enabled by your Covideo account manager or support team member, you can find SMS in the Covideo mobile app under “messages” in the bottom menu bar.

Step 2. To send a new message, click the plus icon in the top right corner

Step 3. Searching and creating a contact

You can search existing contacts or message a new contact. Enter their phone number. If you add a new number, you can edit their details after you send the message.

Once a message is sent to the new number, click the edit profile icon in the top right corner. Fill out their info, then click “update contact.” This contact is now added to your Covideo account. To edit an existing Covideo contact, click the profile icon in the top right corner, make the changes or additions you want, click the back arrow, then make sure to hit “save” in the prompt.

Contacts from your native device are indicated in green and will label “phone” next to them. Contacts from your Covideo account are indicated in blue and will be labeled “Covideo.”

*SMS is for one-to-one messaging - so you won’t be able to message more than one person at a time.

Step 4. Select a contact to message

Once you’ve selected your contact, you can type a message or tap the arrow to the left of the message box to add an existing video from your Covideo library, record a new video, or attach a photo.

Step 5. Stay alert with notifications

Push notifications will alert you when you’ve received a reply, so you can open the app to read your messages and continue the conversation.

On the "Messages" home screen, you’ll have a complete record of your conversations, and you’ll be able to monitor how many texts your dealership has left for the current month.

Texts do not roll over from month to month, and messages received do not count towards your dealership’s monthly allotment.

Compliance Messages

When sending a message to a contact for the first time, a compliance message will be preceded, letting them know that they’re receiving the message on behalf of your dealership.

They will receive any messages you send without the need to opt-in with a reply unless your state messaging laws require otherwise.

Contacts can opt-out at any time by replying “STOP.” If this happens, you will be alerted, and all messaging to this contact will be automatically disabled through the platform.

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