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Best Practices for Covideo & WheelsTV
Best Practices for Covideo & WheelsTV

How to use WheelsTV in your Covideo account.

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Here are our best practices when using WheelsTV in your Covideo account:

Always include a personalized video first.

Rather than going out on the lot and recording a personalized vehicle walkaround for each lead, you can now record a short introduction and combine it with a prerecorded walkaround from the WheelsTV library. You’ll still want to record a short personalized video for your leads so you can introduce yourself, provide any relevant information, build trust, and leave a positive first impression.

Introduce yourself and provide relevant information.

When an internet lead comes in, follow up with a personalized video introducing yourself, provide any relevant information, and let them know you’ve included a visual walkaround of the inquired vehicle. Always be sure to add a Call to Action in your video, such as inviting the buyer in for a test drive.

Here’s an example of how you would still personalize your message and combine it with a WheelsTV video.

“Hey John, I’m Adam, a sales rep at Covideo Dealership. Thank you for reaching out to us about the 2020 Honda Pilot. We have a few of them here at the dealership. Keep watching this video for a quick walkaround of the Pilot and all of its features. After you've taken a look, give me a call or shoot me an email back, and we can set up a time to take it on a test drive. See you soon.” *cut into WheelsTV video*

Want additional training for you and your team?

Our Covideo support is more than happy to provide extra training for you and your team.

Current Covideo users: Reach out to your account managers, and they will be happy to help in any way or sign up for our automotive-specific webinar.

New Users: If you want to learn more about Covideo’s WheelsTV integration and how dealerships are using personalized video, request a demo, and an automotive expert will reach and show you the ropes.

Watch our video to learn more about WheelTV & Covideo:

Click here to view your video from Covideo Support

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