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Learn about when you can use WheelsTV with your Covideo account.

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Use Cases for WheelsTV in Covideo:

Save time.

Recording a vehicle walk-around video can take some time to show off and explain the different features available. The WheelsTV library includes over 5,600 videos of the newest and most popular cars on the road, so use one of their pre-recorded videos rather than recording your own. Now, all you’ll need to do is record a short, personalized introduction and merge it with the WheelsTV video, and you’re good to go. A 5+ minute process just got even faster.

Send off the lot.

Whether you’re at home, on vacation, or just inside your office, this feature allows you to send videos on the go. If your dealership has gone virtual due to social distancing, you can still send personalized vehicle walkarounds for buyers. This feature adds flexibility and convenience to your schedule.

Poor weather conditions.

Is it raining? Or cold outside? Are your cars covered in inches of snow? With pre-recorded vehicle walkarounds at your access, you can provide a video response to your inquiries instantly - despite poor weather conditions.

Unavailable vehicles.

If a buyer expresses interest in a vehicle that’s not currently at your dealership, send a video updating them on its status, and attach the pre-recorded vehicle walkaround. This way, you are still engaging your leads, providing a personalized experience, and decreasing the chance they resort to a nearby competitor.

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