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How To Use WheelsTV Video Content in Covideo
How To Use WheelsTV Video Content in Covideo

Here's how to add WheelsTV to new or existing Covideos.

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Our integration with WheelsTV will change the way dealerships use Covideo.

Automotive users now have access to WheelsTV’s high-quality, ready-to-use vehicle walkarounds videos. These OEM-approved videos are sleek, professional, and capture the most popular cars on the road today.

With over 6,000 videos, you’ll have no problem creating personalized videos at scale for your buyers—here’s how to use WheelsTV videos in Covideo

Click the video below to learn what WheelsTV is all about:

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How to make a Covideo using WheelsTV content

To get started, click the WheelsTV button in your Covideo library.

Step. 1 Use the search bar to look up the inventory of vehicle videos by year, make, and model.

Step 2. To preview a video, click the “play” button. When you’ve found the one you want, click “Add to Covideo” to add it to your video library.

Step 3. Back in your video library, you’ll see the WheelsTV video you just added at the top of your list.

Step 4. Now, record and a short personalized introduction for your customer - you’ll then combine your personalized video with the WheelsTV walk-around in the next steps.

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How To Merge Your WheelsTV Video with a Personalized Video

Covideo’s Video Merge feature allows you to combine personalized videos at scale. We’ll walk you through the process of how to merge your personalized video with your WheelsTV video. Watch the video or follow the steps below.

Step 1. When you’re ready to combine your two videos, click the “merge videos” button.

Step 2. Your most recent videos will appear at the top. You can also search for a video using the search bar. Select the videos you want to merge, then click “add videos.”

Step 3. You can trim your video on this page, adjust start and stop points, and preview your final video.

Step 4. When you’re satisfied, click “save” and give your new, merged video a title. Once it’s finished processing, you’re ready to send it out!

For more detailed instructions on how to merge videos, check out our blog How To Merge Videos With Covideo. And for more information on the various ways to send your videos, see our instructions for How to Send a Video with Covideo.

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