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How do I install the Chrome Extension?
How do I install the Chrome Extension?

Install Covideo Chrome Extension to record yourself, your screen, or both.

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Here's how you can install the Covideo Chrome Extension to your Chrome Browser:

Covideo’s online screen recorder allows you to record your screen, yourself, or both.

In order to start using Covideo’s screen recorder for laptops and desktops, you’ll first need to download it from the Chrome store. Click here to download Covideo’s screen recorder Chrome Extension.

Learn more about Covideo's Chrome Extension here!

Step by Step: How to install the Covideo Chrome Extension

1. Go to your Chrome browser and log into

Select "Integrations" and locate "Chrome".

2. Click on "Install"

You will be redirected to the Chrome store where you can add the Covideo extension. Once your Covideo Chrome Extension is installed you can locate your extension in the Chrome extension bar.

Click on the puzzle piece icon if you don't see the Covideo logo.

3. Click on the Covideo Icon to start recording with your Covideo Chrome Add-in login

Now you'll be able to access Covideo directly in your Chrome browser.


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