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How can I import my contacts to Covideo?
How can I import my contacts to Covideo?

A guide on how to import your contacts to Covideo?

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If you email your Covideo's from the Covideo website, you may want to consider uploading your contacts to Covideo.

Here is how to import multiple contacts to Covideo at once:

Step by Step: How to import multiple contacts

1. Properly format your contacts file
Your contacts file will need to be saved in the CSV format to be able to be uploaded to your Covideo account. In your file, all columns must contain the proper headers (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.) in row 1 of your file. This will be important for step 4 in order to match up the columns within Covideo. The email address is the only required column and all others are optional. See the below example.

2. Go to the "Contacts" tab in your Covideo account

If you do not have any contacts imported into Covideo, A window will pop up with the option to manually create a contact or upload contacts.

if you already have contacts in Covideo, you will select "Import" at the top right of the page.

3. Click on "Import"

Drag and drop or select your CSV file from your computer. Make sure your file is formatted with the column headers in the first row of your sheet. *Refer back to step 1 if needed.

Be sure to check the Anti-Spam Policy box. Then, click "Upload".

4. Match your CSV file's data with the field columns in Covideo.

Click "Continue".

5. Add the contacts to a group if you'd like.

Type in the group name in the field to populate your existing group. Adding your contact list to a group will simplify the email process when sending from the Covideo website to a large group of people.

*Covideo recommends no more than 1000 contacts per group. You can only email to 1000 contacts per day.

6. Click "Finish"

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