If you email your Covideo's from the Covideo website, you may want to consider uploading your contacts to Covideo.

Here is how to import multiple contacts to Covideo at once:

Step by Step: How to import multiple contacts

1. Go to "contacts."

Then select "add contacts." A window will pop up with the option to manually create a contact or upload contacts.

2. Click on "import contacts from a list."

Drag and drop your CSV file into the designated area. Make sure your file is formatted with First Name, Last Name, and Email in the first row of your sheet.

3. Match your data with the field columns

4. Add the contacts to a group if you'd like

Type in the group name in the field to populate your existing group.

5. Check the Anti-Spam policy box and click "add contacts."

For more information about importing multiple contacts, please reach out to support@covideo.com or give us a call at 1.800.306.1445.

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