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What kind of analytics can I get on my Covideos?
What kind of analytics can I get on my Covideos?

A look into the analytics and reporting on your Covideos.

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See when someone watches your video, who watched your video, how many times, which buttons they clicked on, and more!

Follow our step-by-step guide to learn about your video analytics, or watch the video below:

Step-by-Step: How to Use Video Analytics

Step 1. Locate your video and click on "analytics."

Step 2. Hotspots tab

Hotspots offers a visual way to see which part of your video engages your recipients the most. You will see different colors under the "HotSpot Data" column that represent how many times your video was watched or for which portions. In other words, the color scale goes from white (unwatched portion) to red (most watched portion).

  • Green: This portion was watched one time.

  • Yellow: This portion was watched twice.

  • Orange: This portion was watched three times.

  • Red: This portion was watched four or more times.

This allows you to see at-a-glance which parts of the video had your recipient most engaged, and also the percentage of how much of the video was viewed.

Step 3. Viewers tab

This tab will show you who the video has been sent to and if they watched your video.

Pro tip! If you click on the recipient's name, you will get a preview of your message.

Step 4. Calls-to-action tab

Calls-to-actions are the clickable buttons on your landing page. This tab will let you know if a recipient clicked on any of your buttons.

Want to learn how to create & edit your CTA buttons? Click here to read our support article about call-to-action buttons.



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