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How do I edit my profile information?
How do I edit my profile information?

Change your username, password, and Covideo settings in your profile settings.

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Step-by-Step: How to Edit My Profile Information

Step 1. Login to

We recommend using a desktop to edit your profile information. If you are on the mobile app, we suggest using Chrome to log into

Step 2. Click on the profile icon in the right-hand corner

Once logged in, there will be a profile icon to the upper, right-hand side of your video library. Click on the icon and select the option "Edit User profile."

Step 3. Adjust your profile information

You will have the ability to change your name, username, password, email, business title, timezone, and email signature.

Step 4. Click Save!

Before you exit this page, make sure you press save at the bottom of your profile.



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