What Features to Expect in Your Free Trial

During your 7-day free trial, you have access to everything you would with a normal account. No surprises here!

All subscriptions and 7-day free trial accounts include:

✓ Web-based recording

✓ iOS & Android mobile app

✓ Screen recording

✓ Animated thumbnail preview

✓ Ready-to-use landing page designs

✓ Website overlay

✓ Call-to-action buttons

✓ Customizable video player

✓ Integrations

✓ Chrome extension

✓ Add-ins for Outlook & Gmail

✓ Social sharing

✓ Real-time view notifications

✓ Detailed reporting & analytics

✓ Video reply

✓ Video library

✓ Folder organization & team sharing

✓ Video upload & download

✓ Unlimited cloud storage

✓ Phone, email, chat support

Please give us a call at 800-306-1445 for more questions about our Free Trial.

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