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Outlook Add-in Installation Guide
Outlook Add-in Installation Guide

How to install the Outlook add in.

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Use Covideo's Outlook Add-in to record and share videos within your Outlook desktop app.

Step by Step: How to install the Covideo Outlook Add-in

Step 1. Log into your account at

Step 2. Click on Integrations>Outlook.

Step 3. Click on "Download."

Step 4. The setup.exe file will download to your computer.

Step 5. Double click to open the installer.

Step 6. Click "Install" for the installation process to begin.

Once done, click "Close" on the window that says the Microsoft Office customization was successfully installed.

Step 7. Restart Outlook

Once installed, please restart Outlook for the changes to take place. The Covideo Outlook add-in will now appear under the "Add-ins" tab in your Outlook Toolbar.


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