Become an affiliate and get paid by recommending Covideo to others!

Learn about become an Affiliate for Covideo!

Your personal affiliate URL

When you are approved as a Covideo Affiliate, you are given a unique Affiliate URL. Give this referral URL out to your community to use when they purchase Covideo products and services. Use it on your website, blog, email signatures, newsletters, and more.

We provide Covideo Affiliate Banners for you to place on your website or blog. Each banner has your Affiliate Link embedded for easy tracking of sales and commission payments.

Your video emails also contain your personal affiliate code for tracking. By sending a video email, you are not making a sales pitch; you're demonstrating the effectiveness of a product that will sell itself!


10% will be paid on all revenue collected from the monthly subscription and on all graphic orders. Payments are made to the affiliate once a month via check or PayPal.

Please give us a call at 800-306-1445 if you have any questions.

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