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Here are some of our best practices for video email.

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Here are some of our favorite best practices when it comes to video email:

Three tips to keep in mind when recording a video email:

We recommend keeping your video short, ditching the scripts, and powering through the mistakes.

1. Keep it short and simple

Given the context of the video, we encourage you to keep these videos below 1 minute. People’s attention spans are short, and you’re most likely to keep them fully engaged and listening when your message is short and to the point.

2. Ditch the script

Rather than reading word for word, outline what you want to say in your head ahead of time; that way, you don’t skip over an important point.

3. Power through mistakes

At Covideo, we don’t preach perfection. Even if it isn’t the version you end up using, pushing through mistakes to the end of your message will train you to work through fumbles and think on your feet.

For more best practices, go to our blog to learn about Covideo and video email.


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