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Learn how to record the best video email.

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The key to creating successful video content is to keep practicing!

Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Keep the light source in front of you when recording.

Use a window to your advantage by simply turning to face the window. You always want to keep the light source in front of you, so avoid recording videos with your back to a large window.

When recording, make sure you're eye level with your camera.

When recording a video, you want the webcam placement to be raised so it matches your eye level. You can use books, boxes, or anything stable you have lying around for a DIY stand. A standing desk is a great option too! This way, it looks like you’re talking directly to your recipient as opposed to looking down, or up at them.

Stay close to the microphone.

As you move further away from the microphone, you will get harder to hear. Always try to keep in mind where the microphone is when recording your videos.

Consider the video thumbnail.

Be sure to smile and wave during the 3,2,1 countdown so you are ready to go when the video starts and the first frame is captured. Or you can use an animated gif, which is a great way to add some life and movement to your email to capture your recipient's attention.

The best tip is to just get started.

People like doing business with people, not technology. So stop overthinking it – turn on that webcam and embrace the opportunity to connect person to person rather than a device to device. Like anything, the more you use it, the easier it will get.




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