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How to create the perfect call-to-action
How to create the perfect call-to-action

Three video on how to drive action with your videos.

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A call-to-action is a word or phrase that encourages your viewer to take a specific action.

For example, you could add a clickable button to your video messages that say, "Schedule a Meeting," to encourage your recipient to plan a meeting with you. The example below highlights the CTA buttons.

Learn more about perfecting your CTA buttons by reading our blog or watching the videos below!

How to create and edit your call-to-action buttons in Covideo

Watch the video below to learn to set up your CTAs, or read our support article with step-by-step instructions.

How to use video reply

Gain feedback from your prospects and customers by mentioning the video reply feature:

How to use website overlay

Drive traffic to a website, blog, or social media site with website overlay:

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