Step by Step: How to re-enable the Outlook Add-in

To prevent the add-in from disabling itself, you can place it in the "Always Enable" list. When using Covideo for Outlook, users can force the add-in always to be enabled.

Step 1. On the File tab, click <Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins>.

Find Covideo for Outlook.

Step 2. Click "Always enable this add-in”

Step 3. Restart Outlook for all of the changes to take place.

Still Not Working?

Outlook will try to protect the user experience by disabling add-ins that it considers to be misbehaving or if there had been an update. This will cause the add-in to disappear from the toolbar. 

Here are the steps to re-enabling your disabled add-in:

Step 1. In Outlook, click on "File>Options>Add-Ins>Go..."

 Step 2. Once you click "Go..."

Make sure Covideo for Outlook is checked. Click "Ok" when done. 

Step 3. Restart Outlook to apply changes

Need more help?

For more assistance with Covideo's Outlook Add-in, please contact or give us a call at 1.800.306.1445.

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