What is the affiliate program?

Learn more about the Covideo affiliate program.

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How it works

The Covideo affiliate program allows you to earn money on all the paid revenue we collect from monthly subscriptions and graphic orders that you have brought in. Simply put, you promote our service by directing people to our site, and we reward you by paying you a percentage of the sales generated by your recommendation.

When you are approved as a Covideo affiliate, we will send you a unique affiliate URL. Give out this referral URL to your community to use when they purchase Covideo products and services. Use it on your website, blog, email signatures, newsletters, and more.

Your video emails also contain your personal affiliate code for tracking. By sending a video email, you are not just making a sales pitch; you're demonstrating the product's effectiveness that will sell itself!

We also have a program specifically for our Covideo Dealer Services partners. Check out the video below to learn more about why you should partner with CDS!

How much you can earn

For individuals who are affiliates, a minimum 15% will be paid on all revenue collected from the monthly subscription and on all graphic orders, with the potential to earn up to 30% recurring revenue share. Payments are made to the affiliate once a month via check or PayPal.

Channel partners (local or regional companies) have a starting revenue share of 20% and can earn up to 35%.

If you’re part of a large, global, or national company wanting to partner on a go-to-market strategy, or if you’re a software provider looking to be an independent software vendor, reseller, or other white-label partner, send us a message for more information. (You could earn up to 50% revenue share!)

How to sign up

If you’re an individual, you should sign up as an affiliate. Covideo Dealer Services affiliates can sign up here. Covideo affiliates can sign up here.

If you’re a local or regional company, you should sign up as a channel partner. Covideo Dealer Services channel partners can sign up here. Covideo channel partners can sign up here.


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