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Why won't my video upload?
Why won't my video upload?

Reasons why your video won't upload.

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Why won't my video upload to my Covideo Mobile App?

Several factors come into play when uploading a video from your smartphone.

Below is a list of reasons why your video may have failed to upload:

-The file size is too big - There is a limit of 500 mb per video upload.

-Poor internet connection - We recommend that you use a WiFi connection when uploading videos.

-The application was closed - If you close the application while uploading a video, the upload process will fail.

-You switched from data to wifi.

Luckily though, you shouldn't have to re-record that video if it is an existing video on your phone or done via our mobile app! You will be able to re-upload that copy of the video by clicking on the cloud icon in your mobile app.

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